High School Spotlight! La Crescent-Hokah Public Schools

Feb 26 2024

La Crescent, 与NWSE合作的高中积极支持文化交流项目,在促进理解方面发挥着关键作用, diversity and global citizenship among students. They help students broaden their perspectives, appreciate cultural differences, and develop life-long friendships. In this blog, we’d like to spotlight one such … Read More »

Dale Nicholson Exchange Student Scholarship

Mar 28 2023

NWSE以最高的荣誉宣布该学生获得NWSE 2023-24学年的第一个Dale Nicholson交换学生奖学金. NWSE于2022年设立了戴尔·尼科尔森交换学生奖学金,以纪念戴尔对文化交流的贡献, and the passion, care and commitment she had for foreign exchange students. For 30 years, Dale … Read More »

Two families share a daughter and make lasting connections!

Oct 18 2022

文化交流的一个目标是与来自其他国家和文化的人联系和分享. The Beasleys, an NWSE host family, 来自西班牙的Rueda Dujovnes家族将这一概念发扬得比大多数人都更深入, 在今年6月交换项目结束时,他们将一起在各自的国家度假. They called it “30 … Read More »

Celebrating 35 Years of NWSE

Oct 17 2022

As we kick-off the 2022-23 exchange season, 我们很高兴地宣布,这是NWSE赞助文化交流项目的第35个年头! To celebrate this milestone, we want to thank all the host families, exchange students, international partners, staff, coordinators, schools and school districts across the U.S. 以及世界各地参与和支持我们项目的人…… Read More »

Class of 2019/20 – It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See you Later!

Jun 10 2020

真不敢相信你们的NWSE项目就要结束了! 希望你已经在为回家做准备了. With all the feelings of anticipation, sadness, and excitement piling up, things are likely getting a little stressful. Don’t worry! This is completely normal and ok! These feelings should tell you how close you have become … Read More »

NWSE Activity Guide Part 5 and Contest Winners

May 13 2020

Dear NWSE Community, 我们为你们所有人感到骄傲,你们齐心协力,把这些充满挑战的时刻变成了积极的经历! 你们建立了将持续一生的亲密关系和友谊. 本周的时事通讯将为您更新有关NWSE筹款活动的信息, suggests more fun ideas for activities, and – what you’ve been waiting for – announces the … Read More »

NWSE Activity Guide – Part 4

Apr 30 2020

Dear NWSE Community, As promised, NWSE回来了,为您提供更多有趣的活动建议. 我们还要感谢所有参加视频和抖音比赛的人——我们正在审查你们所有优秀的视频,并将很快宣布获胜者! NWSE提示:学生和寄宿家庭可以享受我们… Read More »

加入NWSE GoFundMe活动,支持学生交换

Apr 27 2020

Support the NWSE GoFundMe Campaign Dear NWSE Community,  澳门足球开户项目受到新冠肺炎疫情的严重打击. 我们寻求您的支持,以帮助NWSE避免对我们项目的全面影响. 今年已经有太多的学生被迫与寄宿家庭和学校分开, having seen their … Read More »

NWSE Activity Guide and Contest Reminder!

Apr 08 2020

Welcome to week 3 of NWSE’s activity newsletter! In this week’s edition, you will find more tips for cool online concerts, interesting virtual field trips, ideas to channel your creativity, and so much more! …. School Closure Video Contest Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card! Make a video or TikTok and win prizes! Simply follow the instructions on our contest … Read More »

NWSE Activity Guide and Contest Announcement

Mar 30 2020

我们希望你喜欢在学校停课期间建议的活动! As promised, we are back! NWSE将继续建议在这种暂时的冠状病毒情况下进行冷静的活动, to help you remain positive and engaged with each other, yourselves and your program.   …. School Closure Video Contest Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card! Simply follow the … Read More »

The Year of the DS-2019 with NorthWest Student Exchange

"The Year of the DS-2019" photo booth
Nov 22 2019

For 32 years, 澳门足球开户计划(NWSE)促进文化交流, foreign language study, 澳门买球投注网,为来自世界各地的高中生提供有意义且负担得起的交流项目.  高中文化交流促进国际理解和个人发展, 并为参与其中的每个人提供对世界的新视角和见解.   NWSE host families volunteer to open … Read More »